Back at it! 

Been traveling a lot, but I’m healed up so so and home for a bit. Hitting the zaps hard!  

I’m booking for the summer, get in before the sun is out in full effect. Or let me know if you wanna go on a bike ride! 

Savannah, GA



Newer tattoos 


New England


More tattoos   


Memorial Day

Spent a great day on the bike with friends. We got in a fair amount miles, probably more than I should be riding with all the stuff torn in my knee.




Capped the night off with some Thai style BBQ. Well I actually made my own grub, but everyone else was eating the Thai BBQ. I grabbed some field roast “meatloaf” and slathered it in BBQ sauce, threw it on the grill, hucked it between a bun, and enjoyed it with a high life.




While I’m sure many people had a great day such as mine, let’s not forget what the day is about and give thanks to those who gave their all for this country.