FAQ / Aftercare


Email or call the shop to set up a consultation. A consultation takes about 20-30 mins usually.

Come with any reference material you may have. We’ll map out the area of your body, discuss your design and all that good stuff. NO MAJOR DRAWING will be done at this time. A $60 non-refundable deposit ( A larger deposit is required for larger project )will be required at this time which will secure you a date/appointment to get tattooed. The Deposit money will be subtracted off the cost of your final session.

  • A deposit is good for one design concept. If you want multiple design concepts drawn each one will be an additional deposit.
  • 48 hours notice is needed to reschedule your appointment. Anything less than 48 hours forfeits your deposit. You may reschedule twice before you forfeit your deposit and an additional deposit will be needed to reschedule.
  • If you are running late please call the shop (503-231-1199). Tardiness may lead to rescheduling your appointment.
  • If you no call/no show you forfeit your deposit. No exceptions. 

You may check out your drawing when you come to get tattooed. I cannot email you your image. Some alterations may be needed, 98% of the time I can usually do them on the spot. In the case of major alteration a new appointment will most likely be needed.



  • Don’t come to your appointment on an empty stomach. Eat something at least 2 hors before you appointment time. Bringing a snack or a drink isn’t a bad idea either.
  • you may bring NO MORE THAN ONE PERSON with you while you get tattooed.
  • Wear something that allows for the area of body to easily be accessed for tattooing. i.e, Don’t wear mega tight skinny jeans if you are getting your calf tattooed. Or bring something to change into.
  • Don’t wear your Sunday best. Sometimes ink gets on stuff.
  • Don’t come smelling like a trash can. Make sure you are showered and smell nice for your appointment. Don’t come in to get your foot tattooed after you just ran a 10k, ok? You get it?



Always wash your hands first!!!

TAGEDERM: Leave tagederm on for 3-4 days, yes 3-4 days. It may turn brownish under the tagederm and thats totally normal. If the tattoo is so wet the tagederm won’t stay on, remove it and follow the traditional bandage instructions. Showering is ok, just don’t submerge underwater. 4th day remove tagederm and wash off the tattoo using anti-bacterial soap.



-Remove bandage after 3-4 hours. You will never have to bandage it up again.

-Use only your hands to wash the tattoo with Gold dial Liquid soap or Dr.Bronners, rinse thoroughly with cool water, pat dry USING ONLY a clean paper towel. Never use a bath towel, or face cloth, etc. 4 times a day -morning , lunch, dinner, before bed for a week and 1/2.

-1st 2-3 days wash it and leave it dry. On the 3rd day you can apply a Non-scented lotion like LUBRIDERM or the tiniest bit (a pea sized amount should cover a 5″ square area) or Auqaphor -make sure your skin completely absorbs it. Don’t use neosporin, Vaseline, coconut oil. etc. After a week and a 1/2 just use a non-scented lotion.

-No exposure to sun or submerging it under water for a month. Showers are fine, just don’t let the water beat down on it, wash before getting out out with soap and dab with paper towel.

Aftercare is a crucial part of your tattoo looking good in the long run. I can do the best tattoo ever, but if you take care of it poorly it’ll look like shit. 

Any specific questions please feel free to email or call Anatomy Tattoo.