Back at it! 

Been traveling a lot, but I’m healed up so so and home for a bit. Hitting the zaps hard!  

I’m booking for the summer, get in before the sun is out in full effect. Or let me know if you wanna go on a bike ride! 

Savannah, GA



Newer tattoos 


New England


More tattoos   



Broken bones and Asia. 

The past month has been absolutely crazy! I recently took the month of February off to do some traveling. Specifically do some road biking in Vietnam and Taiwan and visit family. Well I never got to do the biking part as I shattered my clavicle the day before I was leaving for vietnam. I was on a ride in Pasadena, Ca when I crashed. There was no way I could not get on the plane, so I hopped on anyways with broken bones. Long story short I ended up having surgery in Vietnam which in itself is a story you need to ask me about personally. If you wanna get the full wrap about the trip visit It is my cycling related blog site and I’ll be posting the trip in a three part post there starting sometime next week. 

I’m pretty healed up at this point and will be taking appointments again starting in April 2015. It’s great to be back in the states and I’m glad to be making tattoos soon again. 

Happy new years!

Hope everyone had a great/safe Christmas and New Years.

It was a great year in tattooing for me. I know I probably have said that in past years, but I REALLY mean it for 2014. Skeleton Key tattoo has been great and was a easy transition and everyone there has been so kind. I feel like I learned a lot technically and design wise this year. I finally feel like I have an identity, and when someone looks at a piece of mine they can recognize it. I met so many great tattooers from all over the US. Most of all thanks to my amazing clientele. I am so gracious and appreciative for them.

I am stoked for 2015 and will continue to work hard to progress my skills. I am truly blessed to live such a awesome life filled with great people.












NH visit, tattoos

I went back east in September for a family visit and stopped off at creepy creations to say hi to Bob and Dan. It had been a while since the last time I’ve seen them, but they are two of the nicest and most genuine dudes I know. Just in case you don’t know Bob was my mentor and creepy creations is where I worked for the first five years of tattooing.




Also working full time at skeleton key now, tuesday through Saturday.

Some current work:









Out of commission.

I’ll be out of the shop for bit due to recent acl and meniscus surgery. If you ‘d like to make a future appointment with me please send me a email.


But in the mean time check out some cool tattoos I got to do leading up to surgery. Thanks to all my awesome clients! (Who happen to be a good chunk of the Portland cycling community)





I also got to tattoo the amazing Glen Copus of who’s building my new road bike:

20140716-230233-82953723.jpgIn other news check out me and Timber’s defensive mid Rodney Wallace!20140716-230103-82863085.jpg


Friday the 13th & the World Cup

Friday the 13th was crazy as expected. Banged out a whole bunch of tattoos till my head hurt. It was a lot of work, but had a fun day with the SKT crew.

Snuck my Georgie-Chan into the flash sheet.

As most people know, I’m a huge soccer fan. With the World Cup here it’s really the only I can concentrate for the next month. With the USMNT in the “Group of Death”, and watching the Germans steamroll the Portuguese this morning, i’ll be happy if we make it out of the group.