Back at it! 

Been traveling a lot, but I’m healed up so so and home for a bit. Hitting the zaps hard!  

I’m booking for the summer, get in before the sun is out in full effect. Or let me know if you wanna go on a bike ride! 

Savannah, GA



Newer tattoos 


New England


More tattoos   



Out of commission.

I’ll be out of the shop for bit due to recent acl and meniscus surgery. If you ‘d like to make a future appointment with me please send me a email.


But in the mean time check out some cool tattoos I got to do leading up to surgery. Thanks to all my awesome clients! (Who happen to be a good chunk of the Portland cycling community)





I also got to tattoo the amazing Glen Copus of who’s building my new road bike:

20140716-230233-82953723.jpgIn other news check out me and Timber’s defensive mid Rodney Wallace!20140716-230103-82863085.jpg